Born in Barcelona Singer, guitarist and composer

Specialized in Jazz, Brazilian music and flamenco fusion. She currently combines his concerts with teaching. She is a voice teacher at ESEM Music Workshop (high school) Barcelona.

She began his artistic career in '89 collaborating at the beginning with Big-Bands and orchestras performing in Spain and some European cities.

After 8 years of intense activity, she decides to form his own group.


"Alguien" '97, "Jazidas Project" '02; "Batida Diferente" '03, "Spring is Here" 05, "Sketches" '07, "Feminina" 2011, "Casa Blava" - 2015 "Simplesmente Jobim" 2016. "Urubú" (Fusion Brasil-Flamenco)

In the year '97 she released his first CD "Alguien", of which she is the author and co-producer.

In '99 she contacts some of the most outstanding musicians of Italy with whom she will share three annual tours through the center and north of this country.

There she will record in 2002 his 2nd CD "Jazzidas" Collaborating with Carmelo Tartamella, Mauro Sereno, Roberto Faenzi and Gianni Azzali.

Later in 2003, the third album "Batida diferente" was released. It was dedicated to Brazilian popular music recorded also in Italy (Bologna), together with percussionist and drummer Roberto Faenzi. They collaborate Fabrizio Puglisi, Stefano Senni and Danilo Pinheiro.

In March of 2005 he released his 4th work "Spring is Here" Anna Luna Quartet (New Mood Jazz) This time already recorded with his stable quartet: Jaume Vilaseca (piano), Curro Gàlvez (Double Bass) and Roberto Faenzi (Drums and Percussion).

In 2007 she recorded in Údine (Italy) his 5th work "Sketches" Anna Luna Sextet (New Mood Jazz). Nominated as the best Jazz 2007 album for the Music Awards. Collaborates with the quartet Simone La Maida (Alto Saxophone, Soprano and Flute and Mássimo Morganti (Trombone)

2011 "Feminina" Anna Luna Lucas Quintet, Second best vocal Jazz album 2011 by Jazz Station Magazine

2015 "Casa Blava" Jazz

2016 "Simplesmente Jobim "

2018 " Urubú " Anna Luna, second best Jazz vocal album 2018 by Jazz Station Magazine 

She has performed at Jazz Festivals in San Javier, El Portón del Jazz (Málaga), Terrassa Jazz Festival, Imola in Jazz, Gezala, Jazz Festival Yecla, Palafrugell, Barcelona Jazz Festival, Jazz Festival Sant Cugat, Castelldefels, Spañjazz Festival in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Auditorium Alfredo Kraus, Seville, Estela Vi Jazz Jazz Festival Tete Montoliu, Jazz Festival Andorra..Pipa Club, Jamboree, Jazz Cava Terrassa, Bogui

In Italy several tours (Ímola,Calabria, Ferrara, Faenza, Bologna, Mestre, Palermo, Verona, Mantova, Milano)

In Germany: Berlin, Frankfurt, 

In Brazil: Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Petrópolis, Niterói, Angra dos Reis


From the age of 8 he studied piano at the Sabadell Conservatory (Barcelona).

Vocal and jazz technique with Quim "Prou Basta", Errol Woisky miat "Taller de Músics" Barcelona

Later it will be formed in harmony, Piano and Jazz and Brazilian Guitar.

Lyrical singing studies with Fernando Bañó and Gloria Torres and flamenco singing with Alba Guerrero

Since 1994 she studies flamenco rhythms and dance with "La Singla", Glòria Belén, Carmen Gómez and "La Tani", Isaac Barbero, Ana Pérez, Myriam Mesa, Carolina Morgado and Merche Márquez

Cajón and flamenco rhythms at the "Taller de Músics "with Juan Flores, Sergio Ramos

Jazz and Brazilian guitar with Foly Lamas, Danilo Pinheiro, David Mitchel. Pedagogical activity  

She is currently a singing teacher at ESEM's Escuela Superior de Música Moderna del Taller de Músics (Barcelona) ESEM since 2010

Teaching and workshopsat L'Aula de Sò- Sant Cugat

Master Classes in various universities in Barcelona "Pompeu Fabra", and other modern music schools.

She teaches "voice and emotions" seminars for schools throughout Spain


"Anna Luna, fresh and versatile, walks through Latin-Jazz with surprising ease ..." (the periòdic secc. "El disc") Anna Luna, one word, Quality ... (Show press)

Fusion of cultures, jazz, flamenco, Brazilian, by an exceptional voice ... at his side always has the best musicians ... Anna Luna. (The world)

La spagnola Anna Luna..ha portata sul palcoscenico l'atmosphere del Jazz spagnolo ... (Corriere della Sera)

Versatility, this singer is able to approach with incredible ease blues, latin, jazz and funk ... (diari de Terrassa).

She easily confronts difficult techniques and phrasings that few singers dare to perform ... (Diari de Terrassa).

"Anna luna, il fascino latino" (La voce di Mantova). Anna Luna chooses her repertoire very well, although very difficult to interpret, she obtains a beautiful result at the same time that is full of passion and improvisation ... Jazz, funk brazil and above all, very Mediterranean ... (Diari de Sabadell).

The versatile vocalist Anna Luna knows how to do it to delight her faithful audience. With a stylistic domain that covers a wide range of sounds, one of the best singers on the spanish and European scene presents her 4th album "Spring is here" (New Mood Jazz). An interesting repertoire of jazz and bossa that comes to us with the fresh and innovative trace of this seductive voice, always well accompanied by the luxurious trio Vilaseca-Faenzi-Gálvez. (Jazz terrassa)

"Spring is Here" is a great album, full of swing, with a beautiful voice, sounding the group very empathetic and above all, taking risks that hardly others and others, already consecrated, assume. In this sense, I find the versions of "Alone Again" and "Eleanor Rigby" magnificent. It's never easy to cover The Beatles, but chapeau ..., Antonio Vázquez

"Spring is Here" Anna Luna, with the clear, portentous and suggestive voice that characterizes her, and when her magnificent album Spring is here resonates (New Mood Jazz),

Anna Luna is presented again to her fans to show her album Sketches (New Mood Jazz), the latest album by the singer from Barcelona. The album contains risky bets, through which Anna Luna develops her powerful vocal force to take us through sound trails of great subtlety and beauty. As a result: an album full of nuances, great expressiveness and sound beauty, in which the bets are solved with exquisite finesse and accuracy, and where it is confirmed that we are facing one of the main voices of the current jazz scene. (

Sebastián Íñigo

When we have not yet forgotten her delicious recent album, "Spring is here", Anna Luna appears on the stage of the Jamboree with a new bread under her arm: "Sketches", her fifth album, also published by New Mood Jazz- . Recorded in Italy, in the Artesuono studio, one of the best in Europe, it picks up eleven themes from jazz standards arranged by the group itself to some texts adapted to Spanish, from classics such as "A Night in Tunisia "Firm Roots" or "If I Should Lose You", with delicate swing and latin brushstrokes. Anna Luna, who has had the special collaboration of two excellent Italian musicians (La Maida i Morganti) , it is confirmed, therefore, not only as one of the warmest and most elegant voices in our country, but also as an artist who has managed to reach the zenith of professional maturity. concert / 7121 / anna_luna_quartet_featuring_simone_la_maida__massimo_morganti

"Sketches", which is the title of the album, is also a risky project and not at all comfortable. And not only for the difficulty that always comes with versioning standards, but also for the courage to put lyrics to emblematic jazz themes; in that sense we have to enjoy the sung version of "Nigh in Tunisia" that she transforms into "And it becomes night in Tunisia" a theme created by the magic trumpet of Dizzy Gillespie and that Anna, in a display of creativity in the composition of the letter and originality in the arrangements, sings as if the theme were made expressly for her. But also the singer faces an easy challenge and very few jazz vocalists overcome it: singing swing in Spanish. And if all this were not enough, the finishing touch is a song that puts the hair on end to anyone who listens to it, because it covers neither more nor less than Joan Manuel Serrat in her talisman song. Just by listening to "Mediterranean" in the key of jazz, you have to have this record.

Anna Luna, born in Barcelona, is a singing and vocal teacher. Her international experience, the magnificent voice, the sense of swing and the ability to lead and compete with his group, can turn it into one of the great voices of European jazz. Festival Palafrugell Jazz

Anna Luna wanted to reflect in her new album all the influences that have marked her artistic career. Styles like Jazz, Pop and Bossa-Nova are mixed with her warm voice resulting in an atmosphere of fresh yet elegant jazz. Fresh Sound Records

I dig Spanish singer Anna Luna’s fast-paced canter through the song, the supporting quartet smoothly running the changes like a show horse effortlessly and gracefully clearing jumps. Kalamu ya Salaam .

Jazz Festival Palafrugell Anna Luna wanted to reflect in her new album all the influences that have marked her artistic career. Styles like Jazz, Pop and Bossa-Nova are mixed with her warm voice resulting in an atmosphere of fresh yet elegant jazz. Fresh Sound Records

Her prodigious voice full of nuances captivated all of us who had the opportunity to enjoy the penultimate concert of Jazz music, framed in the XV Portón de Jazz. To the unbeatable records of her voice, we must add his professionalism that made us feel close to singer and great musicians, captivating the, as always, public understanding. Diario LaTorre (Málaga)

" Sketches" deserves to be praised as one of the most challenging albums, by a jazz songstress, to come along in years. It's a truly rare case of a perfect repertoire in the beautiful & pure voice of a perfect singer, with the support of an infallible group of musicians: Arnaldo DeSouteiro Musical Philosopher, Journalist, Jazz & Brazilian Music Historian, Record Producer, Publicist, Member of IAJE (International Association for Jazz Education), JJA (Jazz Journalists Association), AIM, ABI, and Voting Member of NARAS-GRAMMY. Founder of the JSR (Jazz Station Records) label, a division of Jazz Station Marketing & Consulting -Los Angeles,California

Anna Luna falls in love and catches the audience on the second day of Jazz San Javier 01/07/2019 The Catalan singer left a sample of her Brazilian, jazz and flamenco mergers at a high-end concert Andrés Garrido - San Javier (Murcia) El Diartio .es Murcia

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