Anna Luna, spanish singer and guitarist.

Voice teacher at the School of Musical Studies (Barcelona) ESEM His style is personal and his influences are between Jazz, Brazilian music and flamenco roots.

Considered one of the most important singers in the Spanish scene. She has performed at Jazz and Worldmusic festivals and jazz clubs in Europe and Brazil.

She is currently promoting her latest album "Urubú", awarded by Arnalno Souteiro  "JazzStation Magazine" (Los Angeles) as the 2nd best vocal jazz album 2018.


"Alguien" '97

"Influência do Jazz" '02

"Batida Diferente" '03

“Spring is Here” '05

“Sketches” '07

“Femenina” '11

“Casa Blava” 15

"Simplesmente Jobim" 16

“Urubú” 18

"Sola" 20

The Band

Anna Luna - Voice

Gloria Wasmer - Violin

Jaume Vilaseca - Piano & Keyboards

Roger Sabartes Rocha - Flamenco Guitar

Roberto Faenzi - Drums & Percussion

Jordi Fiol-- Electric Bass

Pablo Gómez - Cajon & Percussions